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Name: 6th NUS-USPC Workshop on Machine Learning and FinTech

From: 18 Apr 2018

To: 19 Apr 2018

Address: Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS)
National University of Singapore (Kent Ridge campus)

Organizer: National University of Singapore

Key speakers: Huyên PHAM, Professor of Mathematics, University Paris Diderot Stéphane BOUCHERON, Profesor, University Paris Diderot Jean-François CHASSAGNEUX, Profesor, University Paris Diderot Christa CUCHIERO, Profesor, University of Vienna Min DAI, Profesor, National University of Singapore Claudio FONTANA, Profesor, University Paris Diderot Ivan GUO, Profesor, Monash University Ilija ILIEVSKI, Profesor, National University of Singapore Steven KOU, Profesor, National University of Singapore Michael KUPPER, Profesor, University of Konstanz Nicolas LANGRENE, Profesor, CSIRO Australia Hao LEI, Profesor, National University of Singapore Gregoire LOEPER, Profesor, Monash University Simon TRIMBORN, Profesor, National University of Singapore

Web page: https://cqf.nus.edu.sg/events.aspx?e=ws2018_6th_NUS-USPC#top

Pricing: - variable

Description: The 6th NUS-USPC workshop is a collaboration between the “Laboratoires de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation” at University Paris Diderot/Sorbonne Paris Cité and the Centre for Quantitative Finance (CQF) and Risk Management Institute (RMI) at the National University of Singapore. This workshop will feature overview and recent advances on machine learning and innovation in financial technology delivered by experts, academics and practitioners in the field from finance, numerics, statistics and engineering/computer science.


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