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Name: 2nd Annual SQA/CFA Society NY Conference

From: 24 Jan 2019

To: 24 Jan 2019

Address: CFA Society New York, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY, United States

Organizer: Society of Quantitative Analysts

Key speakers: Bryan Kelly, Professor, University of Chicago Peter Cotton, Manager, JP Morgan Sanjeev Arora, Professor, Princeton University Ingrid Daubechies, Professor, Duke University Ken Perry, Consultant in Risk and Quantamental Investing, Nick Polson, Professor, University of Chicago

Web page: https://www.sqa-us.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1162960&group=

Pricing: - variable, Non-Member starting at - $525

Description: Data Science is blossoming in the financial industry and literature. More and more financial firms are introducing machine learning systems to forecast markets and trade. Academics are astounded by “unprecedented out-of-sample return prediction” ability of ML and are setting а “new standard for accuracy in measuring risk premia.”[1] They find that “in designing and pricing securities, constructing portfolios, and risk management… deep learning can detect and exploit interactions in the data that are, at least currently, invisible to any existing financial economic theory.”[2] At the same time, “rapid empirical success in this field currently outstrips mathematical understanding.”[3]
Join us to learn from leading academics and practitioners about Data Science applications in finance and to understand what’s behind these techniques and why they work so well.


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