Event detail

Name: Quantum Computing in Finance

From: 21 Nov 2019

To: 21 Nov 2019

Address: Level39
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB
United Kingdom

Organizer: WBS Training

Key speakers: Christoph Burgard, Head of Risk Analytics for Global Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Alexei Kondratyev, Managing Director Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank David Garvin, Principal Researcher Quantitative Analysis, QxBranch Paul Warburton, Professor of Nanoelectronics, University College London Marco Paini, Quantum Computing – Program Management and Business Development, QxBranch

Web page: https://www.wbstraining.com/events/quantum-computing-in-finance-conference/

Pricing: - variable

Description: WBS Training are delighted to announce our new event for 2019: Quantum Computing in Finance Conference.

This conference will introduce the current trends and impacts in financial markets and where quantum computing fits in:

What is a quantum computer?
Examine the quantum computing hardware landscape
Financial industry applications
Potential financial industry applications
Relevant quantum algorithms
Optimization: Dynamic portfolio rebalancing
Machine Learning: GANs and Nash equilibrium
Monte Carlo: Derivative pricing and risk
Quantum annealing for machine learning: Applications in finance
Quantum mechanics-based methods for option pricing


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