Event detail

Name: Quantitative Finance @ Work 2020

From: 24 Apr 2020

To: 24 Apr 2020

Address: Via Columbia 2
00133 - Roma

Organizer: University of Rome Tor Vergata

Key speakers: Bauer Rob, Professor of Finance, Executive Director ICPM Dacorogna Michel, Partner, Prime Re Solutions Zug Farago Adam, Associate Professor, Centre for Finance University of Gothenburg

Web page: https://qfinatwork.com/2020

Pricing: variable

Description: Several companies are meeting Finance&Banking students and graduates at the QFin@Work2020. Current and former students taking part in the initiative will have the opportunity not only to attend the workshop, but also to meet with recruiters and professionals from these companies. Participants can learn more about their job vacancies and can be interviewed during the Workshop day.


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