Event detail

Name: ESG & Climate Risk in Quantitative Finance Conference

From: 15 Mar 2021

To: 19 Mar 2021

Address: England

Organizer: WBS

Key speakers: not announced at the moment, ,

Web page: https://www.wbstraining.com/events/esg-climate-risk-in-quant-finance-conference/

Pricing: - variable

Description: If possible this event will have a live aspect in London.

5 day format:

EST 8am – 12pm
GMT 2pm – 6pm
CET 3pm – 7pm
Topics to be discuss:

ESG principles and why Climate Risk?
Climate Risk Management
Climate Risk Models and Methodologies
Sustainable Finance: Climate Change Risk
Climate Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing
Data Management for Climate Risk
The Role of Machine Learning in Tackling Climate Emergency
PANEL: Climate Change & Climate Risk
Introduction to AI
AI Ethics and Governance
Ethical AI: A Practical Approach
PANEL: AI Ethics and Governance
Tackling Climate Change With Machine Learning
Machine Learning applications in trading & ESG investing
AI Governance: Ethical frameworks and innovation
What is the role of ESG in quantitative finance strategies?
How quants can integrate ESG with limited data
Discussing the future of ESG: The latest innovations in derivatives


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