Event detail

Name: BattleFin ESG 2021

From: 23 Feb 2021

To: 24 Feb 2021

Address: United States

Organizer: BattleFin

Key speakers: -not announced at the moment

Web page: https://web.battlefin.com/virtual/february-2021

Pricing: variable, from $450
more information available at: https://web.battlefin.com/virtual/february-2021#register

Description: With the new Biden administration, rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, concerns about global warming, heightening extreme weather, and more, how a company approaches Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) aspects of business is becoming more and more important to the savvy investor. A responsible and sustainable company policy is good for business, for employees, for communities, for the planet, and for investable insights.

Whether you want to reduce your company's carbon footprint, research how climate change patterns affect your investments, or investigate the efficiency of new electric vehicle batteries, ESG and sustainability should play a role in every investor's due diligence arsenal.


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