Event detail

Name: Evidence-Based Investing Conference

From: 25 Jun 2017

To: 27 Jun 2017

Address: Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA, United States

Organizer: IMN

Key speakers: -not announced at the moment

Web page: https://www.imn.org/investment-management/conference/Evidence-Based-Investing-West-2017/

Pricing: - Financial Advisor starting at $695

Description: Evidence-Based Investing Conference (West) is a part of the Global Indexing & ETFs conference.

Evidence-Based Investing (EBI) is a disciplined approach to asset management that combines the data we have from the past and present with honesty about the unknowable future. Where others would use forecasts, relationships or emotions to guide their decisions, practitioners of EBI would substitute facts, logic and reason.

With interest rates slowly coming off all-time lows throughout much of the developed world, investment decision-makers are having a difficult time ensuring that their clients, trustees and beneficiaries can meet the needs of organizations and individuals through their investments.

On top of a difficult investment landscape, asset allocators have tens of thousands of strategies, fund structures, advisors, consultants, financial firms, markets and asset classes to choose from these days, not to mention the plethora of sales and marketing teams constantly trying to sell new and exciting products and services. Finding the signal in the noise is a challenge that many investors struggle with when trying to figure out who to trust, what to invest in, how to allocate their assets and how to reach their goals.

This event will cut through the hype and focus exclusively on evidence-based investing to give investment decision-makers a better understanding of how to view the financial markets and the various investment strategies at their disposal.

- What do we own and why do we own it?
- Does our portfolio match the mission, goals and risk profile of our organization?
- How do we utilize evidence-based investing to avoid major mistakes in the markets?
- How are index providers and ETF issuers approaching evidence-based investing?
- Does smart beta and factor investing have a role to play?
- Is our organization well-equipped to pursue the types of strategies that we are invested in?
- How do we achieve organizational alpha through proper planning, communication and culture?
- What are the limitations of evidence-based investing?


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