Event detail

Name: Swissquote Conference 2020 on Finance and Technology

From: 30 Oct 2020

To: 30 Oct 2020

Address: Switzerland

Organizer: Swiss Finance Institute

Key speakers: Antoine Savine, Manager, Danske Bank Copenhagen Morten Linnemann Bech, , Brian Huge, ,

Web page: https://www.epfl.ch/schools/cdm/college-of-management-of-technology/swiss-finance-institute/events/swissquote-conference-2010-2020/swissquote-conference-2020-on-finance-and-technology/

Pricing: - variable

Description: The Swissquote Conference 2020 on Finance and Technology will take place on Friday, October 30, 2020. Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19, this conference will be held online and consists of two presentations.


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