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Name: AFME/OMFIF's 3rd Annual European Financial Integration Conference

From: 23 May 2023

To: 20 May 2023

Address: Deutsche Bank, Taunusanlage 12, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

Organizer: afme

Key speakers: Alexandra Jour-Schroder, Deputy Director General, European Commission Andrea Enria, Chair of the ECB Supervisory Board, ECB Jérôme Henry, Principal Adviser, ECB

Web page: https://www.afme.eu/Events/Detail?eventId=a98f8694-0a43-ed11-bba3-000d3ad4ec4b

Pricing: -free

Description: What is the state of Eurozone financial integration in 2023? Following the success of our inaugural two conferences, the third instalment will explore the state and competitiveness of the EU’s financial services sector. Our expert speakers will consider how geopolitical tectonic shifts, the rising inflation and interest rates, technological transformation and the evolution of the regulatory framework, have impacted the EU's financial integration. Speakers will also assess EU capital markets’ ability to remain resilient in the face of current challenges and able to support the green and digital transitions.


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