Event detail

Name: 2024 Applied Finance Conference

From: 10 May 2024

To: 10 May 2024

Address: St. John's University, New York

Organizer: FMA

Key speakers: Scott Bauguess, VP Global Regulatory Policy, Coinbase

Web page: https://www.fma.org/2024-applied-finance-conference

Pricing: -variable

Description: IThe Conference is much smaller and more focused than the FMA’s traditional meetings and includes a relatively small number of papers to provide ample opportunity for presentations and discussion by participants. FMA seeks high-quality papers from scholars and practitioners in the fields of finance and accounting that:
- Inform practice and advance the frontiers of academic research in directions relevant to practice.
- Address issues that are relevant to contemporary issues globally and for policy formation and assessment.
- Introduce new hypotheses that have the potential to stimulate additional research.


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