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Name: The Quant Conference Digital

From: 04 Nov 2020

To: 06 Nov 2020

Address: United States

Organizer: TheQuantConference

Key speakers: Peter Carr, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Professor, CFM Paris Alexander Lipton, Manager, MIT Connection Science Aaron Brown, Managing Director and Head of Financial Markets Research, AQR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Francesco Filia, CEO and CIO, Fasanara Capital Campbell Harvey, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University Victor Haghani, Former Founding Partner, LTCM Margaret Holen, Retired Partner at Goldman Sachs and Lecturer, Princeton University Robert J. Frey, CEO and CIO, FQS Capital Gary L. Bergstrom, Founder of Acadian Asset Management,

Web page: https://www.thequantconference.com

Pricing: variable, all information available at https://www.thequantconference.com/events/the-quant-conference-digital

Description: The Quant Conference Digital brings together the most influential, dynamic, and innovative figures in finance, technology and digital assets. Series of panel discussions and keynotes offer in-depth explorations of the challenges and opportunities posed by a rapidly changing financial landscape.

This year we are hosting our first virtual event, The Quant Conference Digital for our global audience. By moving the conference online this year, you can reach more people, access highly curated content from the comfort of your home or office and feel inspired again.

With the most recognised speakers, 1:1 networking, attendees can now join from across the globe. Stay informed with senior quant experts and academics from leading institution about current and future trends in quant finance.

Topics on the day include "Legends of The Industry on The Role of AI in The Future of Investment Management", a keynote on "Risk manager versus virus", a panel on "The Age of Quant: Persistent Returns or Never-Ending Arms Race?" and much more.

Send messages, arrange video meetings and interact with speakers and fellow attendees before and during the event!


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